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  • Safegrip® TM Plus

    Outperform. Outlast.

Safegrip® TM Plus


The Science

Safegrip® TM is a potassium acetate based liquid de-icer and anti-icer. Derived from Esseco UK’s proven aviation de/anti-icing technology, Safegrip® TM is designed to offer the corrosion and performance advantages of potassium acetate based de-icers in an economical package optimised for non-airside applications.

Completely chloride free and formulated with corrosion inhibitors, Safegrip® TM offers extremely low levels of corrosion and is particularly suited to corrosion sensitive applications where chloride based de-icers are or could potentially be damaging, this includes (but is not limited to) winter maintenance of road, rail, bridge, tunnel and steel or reinforced concrete structures.

Effective down to -60°C, Safegrip® TM offers significantly higher de-icing and anti-icing performance than rock salt, urea, CMA or glycol based products. Non-toxic, with low COD and BOD values, Safegrip® TM has a low environmental impact, including on sensitive watercourses.


The Performance

Effective down to -60°C, Safegrip® TM is significantly more effective as both a de-icer and anti-icer than de/anti-icers such as rock salt (effective down to approx -7°C to -12°C), urea (effective down to -5°C) or CMA (effective down to -7°C). It is supplied as a ready-to-use liquid which offers full, even surface coverage and instantaneous effectiveness, with no need to be ‘bedded in’ under traffic. It may be applied with a wide range of vehicle mounted, towed or hand-held sprayers. Where a low corrosion, environmentally sound solid de/anti-icer is preferred, Safegrip® SF may be used.

For heavily sloped or cambered surfaces which can suffer from a high degree of liquid run-off, Safegrip® TM Plus is a slightly thickened version of Safegrip® TM designed to offer improved surface persistence.


The Green Credentials

Safegrip® TM provides low COD and BOD values, a measure of the damage to watercourses by de-icer runoff. The COD and BOD values of Safegrip® TM are less than one fifth those of urea prills, hence Safegrip® TM is particularly suited for corrosion sensitive de/anti-icer applications where water courses may be affected by surface runoff. Safegrip® TM is completely biodegradable. It is completely free from triazoles, nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorous based additives and ethoxylates, environmentally harmful additives which may be found in other corrosion inhibited de-icers.