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  • Safegrip® Plus

    Outperform. Outlast.

Safegrip® Plus


The Science

Safegrip® Plus is a potassium acetate based liquid de-icer and anti-icer, fully certified to AMS 1435 for airside use. It is slightly thickened to improve surface persistence, ensuring that Safegrip® Plus offers outstanding anti-icing holdover in addition to its superb de-icing performance.

Based on a unique proprietary formulation, Safegrip® Plus provides low environmental impact and excellent compatibility with aircraft and airport infrastructure.


The Performance

Independent laboratory tests have shown that Safegrip® Plus melts ice up to 15% faster than standard benchmark products.

Safegrip® Plus is slightly thickened to improve its persistence on treated surfaces, even on sloped or heavily cambered surfaces and surfaces subject to heavy traffic. It is designed to offer significantly longer anti-icing holdover than unthickened potassium acetate based de-icers in demanding conditions, whilst remaining non-slippery and easy to handle.


The Green Credentials

Safegrip® Plus offers low COD and BOD values and is completely biodegradable. It is completely free from triazoles, nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorous based additives and ethoxylates; environmentally harmful additives which may be found in other de-icers.