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  • Safegrip® ECO2

    Outperform. Outlast.

Safegrip® ECO2

outperforms the competition whilst ensuring that your runway remains fully operational

A super-high active content potassium acetate/formate mix based runway de-icer with a unique proprietary formulation designed to provide optimum de-icing and anti-icing performance under all conditions.


The Science

Safegrip® ECO2 is designed with one main goal in mind; to provide the best de-icing and anti-icing performance available in all conditions. It is designed to achieve this whilst offering an excellent environmental profile, complete safety in use and a robust, reliable supply chain.

Safegrip® ECO2 maximises de-icing and anti-icing performance through its ultra high strength and unique formulation technology (patents pending) which offers:

  • Optimised ice and snow melting capacity; up to three times greater than glycol or conventional acetate or formate based liquid de/anti-icers.
  • At least 30% faster ice dissolving ability than conventional de-icers.
  • Rapid heat generating effect on contact with ice and snow.
  • Maximised holdover persistence.
  • Direct quantitative measurement of performance on treated surfaces using user friendly ‘dab and watch’ test strips (patents pending).

    Fully certified to AMS 1435 for airside use.


The Performance

Designed to offer optimum anti-icing performance, Safegrip® ECO2 is reported in airport operations to consistently offer between two and three times the anti-icing holdover of conventional glycol or acetate based de-icers in frozen/freezing precipitation conditions. Safegrip® ECO2 is effective down to -60°C even in the presence of significant amounts of frozen contamination.

Designed to offer optimum de-icing performance, independent laboratory testing has shown that Safegrip® ECO2 offers up to 65% faster ice melting than benchmark products whilst the ice undercutting performance of Safegrip® ECO2 was found to be too fast to measure by the industry standard AIR 6172 test.


The Green Credentials

Safegrip® ECO2 offers more than 30% lower BOD5 than conventional potassium acetate based de-icers and more than 70% lower BOD5 than typical glycol based de-icers. It is completely biodegradable and designed to fit directly into any existing environmental management plan and authorisation based on the use of potassium acetate or glycol based de-icers. Its unique formulation is completely free from triazoles, nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorous based additives and ethoxylates, environmentally harmful additives which may be found in other de-icers.