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  • Safegrip® FR

    Outperform. Outlast.

Safegrip® FR

a product to keep your runways clear

Runway and taxiway de-icer and anti-icer.


The Science

Safegrip® FR is a potassium formate based liquid de-icer and anti-icer, fully certified to AMS 1435 for airside use.

Potassium formate based de/anti-icers are the product of choice for airports who require both an improved environmental profile and proven de-icing and anti-icing performance.

Safegrip® FR is formulated with unique proprietary technology and designed to offer class-leading performance, environmental profile and compatibility with aircraft and airport infrastructure.


The Performance

The unique proprietary formulation of Safegrip® FR is designed to offer class leading de-icing and anti-icing performance.

Independent laboratory testing has shown that Safegrip® FR melts ice up to 15% faster than standard benchmark products.


The Green Credentials

Potassium formate based products offer the lowest COD and BOD values of any AMS approved airside de/anti-icers. Safegrip® FR is completely biodegradable and has a COD of just 0.11gO2/g and a BOD5 of just 0.06gO2/g. Safegrip® FR is completely free from triazoles, nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorous based additives and ethoxylates environmentally harmful additives which may be found in other de-icers.