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  • Safegrip® SF

    Outperform. Outlast. 

Safegrip® SF


The Science

Safegrip® SF is a sodium formate based solid granular de-icer and anti-icer, fully certified to AMS 1431 for airside use.

Solid granular de-icers offer excellent de-icing and anti-icing performance. They are particularly effective in severe conditions and where solid ice is present, offering a high weight-for-weight anti-icing capacity and the ability to break up several millimetres of bonded solid ice in a matter of minutes. They are also useful in areas where liquid spraying is difficult and on free-draining surfaces which can rapidly loose liquid products.

Thanks to its unique proprietary formulation and carefully designed granule form, Safegrip® SF offers outstanding performance, a superb environmental profile and compatibility with aircraft and airport infrastructure, excellent surface persistence and underfoot/wheel safety and minimum dust.


The Performance

Safegrip® SF is effective down to -19°C on its own and down to -60°C when used in conjunction with liquid de/anti-icers.

Safegrip® SF is designed to offer excellent de-icing and anti-icing performance. It has twice the weight-for-weight anti-icing capacity of conventional liquid potassium formate or acetate products. Safegrip® SF is extremely effective at breaking up and removing solid ice, even if it is firmly bonded to the pavement surface; it can break through up 10-15mm of solid ice total and up to 4mm of solid ice in 10 minutes.


The Green Credentials

Sodium formate based products offer the lowest COD and BOD values of any AMS approved airside solid de/anti-icers. Safegrip® SF is completely biodegradable and has a COD of just 0.29gO2/g and a BOD5 of just 0.15gO2/g, less than conventional potassium acetate based liquid products. Safegrip® SF is completely free from triazoles, nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorous based additives and ethoxylates, environmentally harmful additives which may be found in other de-icers.